Samantha Jerjis

I am a 19 year old Fashion student at Humber college. I am very helpful,fun,trendy,creative,positive attitude and also a great group leader. Fashion has always been something I was very interested in. I always incorporated new trends in my outfits and consistently went shopping for new fashion pieces. If I were to become a fashion designer my fashion pieces would be bedazzled because I not only have a passion for fashion but also for glits and glam.
I began my job experience in the fashion industry at Winners and Homesence were I was a sales associate and also created front features for the ladies department. I put together features which were organized eye catching and at a good price where it would attract customers attention without having to search the racks.My 3 years of experience at Winners taught me many things but it was time to begin school and carry on with fashion in a different point of view.
I am currently a waitress and Mr.Greek but in the meantime continuing my Fashion Career at Humber College.I hope one day I will have the job of my dreams within the fashion industry and maybe someday become a buyer for a company.

  • Education
    • Fashion Arts, Humber College