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OTA or online travel agency having it boom in recent years but sadly some of the OTAs out there also meeting their unevitable fate of doom just last year. So what is worng with these OTA and why we need to use OTA at all, can we just call up hotel and book ? answer to that questions is that we dont every hotel in this world therefore we need to take a look on OTA's inventory to search for hotels and eventually booked it. However, in many OTAs this come with a great price. Yes it is true on the price tag it looks cheap even there is small icon indicating you get a great promo price. If thats true then why in recent year the hotel revenue down eventhough the sales is up ? it is because big comission that OTAs charge to the hotel.

Its around 17% - 25 % and if you are hotel owner and only willing to give 15 % commision to OTA or even less then it is guarentee that your hotel will be in the back page of the OTA list (less chance guest will see your hotel). Thats how most OTA do business that is how it is. So how to make OTA price more affordable and less charge to hotel regarding commision ? answer is technology, there are 13 million rooms ready to book in this whole worldwide world and it can be access with certain technology. We called it "automatic filtering price and avilibility", so this technology is dedicated to filter hundred of thousand hotels and only shows to client or guest the most cheap with the best availibility.

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