Brian Eddy

Hello there and welcome to my page!

I am a 41 year old lifelong Pittsburgher who bleeds black and gold. I appreciate everything about my hometown, I miss it immensely when I'm away, and I embrace its unique identity, rich heritage, and lovable quirks.

I am a 1993 graduate of Duquesne University with a dual major in Public Relations and Classical Civilization. What is Classical Civilization, you ask? It is the advanced study of Latin, Roman/Greek history, classical archaeology, and a megadose of Cicero thrown in for good measure.

Professionally, I am a 17-year Fortune 500 marketing veteran with skills in strategic marketing communications, customer relationship management, event and sponsorship marketing, marketing analysis, and social media. You're actually just in time, because I'm currently writing "the next chapter of my story" as I seek a new marketing opportunity in the greater Pittsburgh area. I want to work for an organization that wants to drive new and existing product marketing programs, promote channel growth and profitability, and improve the customer experience. Maybe even YOUR company. My areas of focus so far have been in energy, manufacturing, technology, health care, and advertising.

I am inherently positive and believe that positivity overcomes all forms of adversity. I reap far more from giving than receiving. I enjoy working with other positive and motivated professionals, and I feed off high-energy, creative teamwork environments. I am very good at solving problems at all organizational levels. Lastly, I greatly enjoy exceeding expectations. I have repeatedly done so throughout my marketing career and will continue doing so in my next role.

When I'm not writing the next chapter of my story, you will probably find me watching Top Gear on BBC America (also known in my household as "dumb car shows") or Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii on DVD. Pink Floyd also holds a dominant place on my iPod, as does Yes (whom one day I started listening to out of the blue). Despite my repeated efforts, I still do not care for KISS. But I do appreciate their marketing genius.

Now that we're off the topic of music, you may also like to know that I belong to both the Young Professionals in Energy and Pittsburgh Young Professionals. And I will be completing my Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification class by the end of March.