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Bedfordshire Entrepreneurs


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Great, now that we have your attention, we’re Bedforshire Entreprenuers... no wait! We’re not as boring as we sound!

We are a student led for students society: a platform to share ideas to engage the entrepreneurial spirit and our ultimate aim is to bring disruptive innovative minds together.

As a society, we’re about business, but we’re into the business of getting you good deals on things that you want, helping you with your ideas and connecting you to the right people to get you started.

To do this, we’ll be running a membership scheme, just sign up (FREE!) & you’re done!

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Aims & Goals

Our aim is to establish the biggest, baddest, most connected entrepreneurs forum in the University amongst students, lecturers, and other entrepreneurial minded individuals around the world.

The goal is to create independent students who are still able to work in a team, generate earth shattering ideas and implement them without ‘buts’, or ‘whys’. ‘Why not’ is the norm at BE and should be the norm everywhere!

This leads up to our ultimate goal of students who are able to take control of their own future in that they will be creating jobs for themselves in the job-scarce economy we are currently in. This in turn, links beautifully to attaining that financial freedom we all seek.

As already mentioned we are not just purely about business ideas, but we also very much encompass and welcome notions of political, as well as social ideas and how problems can be solved or projects improved.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life for us, which we feel is deeply embedded in each every and one of us. It is more than just a revolutionary movement of unspeakable proportion; all it takes is a spark to start something extraordinary.

Businesses tours/first hand experiences

Indeed we understand that not everyone wants to form a business from the ground up, or a political or social idea.

As such, we will be offering you the chance to go on tours on the premises of some of our business partners. This will enable you to get first-hand experience in that particular industry.

Drop in Sessions

We will be offering drop in sessions from April to help you with any ideas you have and connect you to the right people.

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