Bedilu Assefa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I am Bedilu in Ethiopia. Tourism, Hospitality and other related jobs I do. I have so many interests in this awesome world to take part and live. I adore nature, loves to travel and dreams to see different parts of the world and the people lives there. I speak around 10 Languages and want to learn to speak more.

I have studied Tourism and other subjects that could help me find the way the wisdom of life opens up. I learn and share every now and then, the times passed has been adorable and the future looks promising.

I would like to connect with travel passionate people,volunteers to make differences and people who would like to get my Tourism and Hospitality services.I currently lives and work in Addis Ababa at the Canadian Embassy. Its fun and great to work here and develop myself with many extraordinary people.

My city is beautiful and unique. Millions of lives running all around, its diverse and houses almost people from every part of the world through its diplomatic missions and several other ways. A City where diversity is a stunning color.People with several languages and ways of living.We have a typical traditional food,Dancing,Music and so much more to mention.

Addis is said to be the Capital city of the big continent Africa. The founding and seat of the AU.

Thousands of business outlets, investment flows ,NGOs and many other movements are the daily activities one can experience in here.

The natural gifts, the Historical destinations aging back 3000 years, the colorful people and their cultures home in Addis and the most important port to dispatch to the diverse parts of the unique Ethiopia. Get in touch, lets help each other to learn.

With sincer regards,


  • Work
    • Tourism,Hospitality and Volunteer.
  • Education
    • BA,Tourism Mananagement.