Brenin Edmunds

Guelph, ON

Brenin Edmunds, born in Scarborough, Ontario is not your ordinary struggling musician. Throughout the last 10 years, Brenin has done more with his music then most people do in a life time, and he's just starting. In early 2000, Brenin began producing and mastering his own hip-hop recordings. Although the musicianship needed work, the producing efforts were outstanding for a 13 year old.

After a slew of 'demo' type hip-hop albums (Most notably CUBEd and As Black As White Gets) that were distributed throughout the areas Brenin resided between 2000-2003 under the moniker RUBiX, he began working in rock music with the band Mudorcs. After releasing 3 albums by 2004 (Mr. Postman, Immortal and Soul Oxide), Mudorcs took a hiatus and Brenin persued a solo-rock career as well as producing more hip-hop. In 2005, Brenin independently released his first rock effort In Doubt. The album featured the singles Float and Soul'd which did somewhat well, but the album as a whole was a flop. In 2006, Brenin (as his alias RUBiX) signed an independent record contract with California based Iron Fist Entertainment (who housed Halifax based rapper J-Bru, known for collaborating with Classified) and released the album Somewhere Between Me and Myself. The album took well, but due to artistic differences, Brenin parted with Iron Fist Entertainment. Also in 2006, Brenin released his follow-up 'rock' record called Project Underdog. Due to it's digital nature of style, Brenin named the genre 'New Millenium Wave'. The album did well on some radio stations with it's single A Break in the Chain of Reaction and was distributed through

In between 2006-2009, Brenin kept fairly quiet as far as music was concerned. He enrolled into college, dropped out and persued work to finance his arts. In 2008, Brenin Edmunds distributed a 'mix-tape' type album titled A Taste of Things to Come which featured un

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