Sam Bednarz

Canton, Michigan

someday im going to invent new things that would make music sound beautiful. im already writing menuet and other things that i invent. everything i write in music tells a story that is why its called notes. I'm in love with a girl, her name is caitlin, and i plan to spend the rest of my life with her. I love composers and someday i want to compose music and travel the world. and teach music to students at a collage level.i want to be just like ludwig van beethoven. im going to be a doctor in music. promise you that. i have an amazing beautiful girlfriend caitlin. and i love her more everyday. and i love writing and solving things. i also like making puzzle and inventing new things. and i suck at writing.

  • Work
    • Holiday Market
  • Education
    • Canton High School
    • Schoolcraft College