Bedouin Studios

Bedouin Studios is the first full fledged film consultancy and production entity between Hollywood and the Middle East, that has the following areas of expertise and focus;

1. Cultural Consultancy for film, TV, and other media content related to the Middle East, the Arabic culture and Heritage, Arabic Language, Arabic History and Geography, etc, created in any part of the world;

2. Film Production facilitation: Casting, Location Scouting, Permits, Equipment, Crews, Licensing, Translation Services, Logistics and Budgeting covering all parts of the production process from Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Distribution, all within the Middle East and the Arab world, for projects that relate to that region;

3. Training and Workshop Services: Acting Workshops, Directing, Screen Writing, Producing;

4. Film Festival Consultancy;

5. Product Placement; and

6. Marketing Consultancy