Bedroom Athletics

Bedroom Athletics is an innovative and funky young brand. Our sole aim is to deliver high quality, cutting edge products to you, the consumer. A Bedroom Athletics product will exude quality and always give you a reason to buy it. If it doesn't do this, it doesn't get made!

Our product offering originated in the bedroom with the introduction of the iconic Marilyn Fur Bootie Slipper. This iconic slipper challenged age old perceptions of the slipper market and reinvented slippers as a cool, must have product to young, forward thinking people just like you! Bedroom Athletics brings fashion into the house as well as outside it.

You will be both reassured and delighted to know that the Bedroom Athletics design team are currently working on all sorts of product categories for use both inside and outside the bedroom to offer you the most innovative, up-to-the minute, must have products in the market place. BEDROOM ATHLETICS … it's what you make it

We specialise in the following:

Sheepskin Slippers

Slipper Boots

Mens Slippers