Brandi Nichole

Washington, Dc Metropolitan Area

Your image is your brand and your brand should be luxurious!

My name is Brandi Nichole and I'm a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Bee Chic Imagez, a full-service styling agency based in the Washington DC and Atlanta Metropolitan Areas

What is a full-service styling agency?

Have you ever needed a makeover, or maybe you just wanted to revitalize your image?

My full-service styling agency features the Triple Threat Styling solution, which promises to transform your hair, makeup and wardrobe simultaneously--creating a unified, glamorous and infectious personal brand.

My goal is to:

Educate you on how to make smart purchases for your beauty products, clothing and accessories

Deliver high-quality makeover services to upgrade your look and make you feel like the beautiful person you were designed to be

Help you maintain your look through interactive coaching sessions, live events and engaging tutorials

I live, breathe and practice the business of beauty.

Learn more about how I can help you unlock your beauty and wear it boldly and bravely.

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