Beechwood Equipment

The annual Policing and Security Show 2013 in Farnborough UK saw Beechwood Equipment's launch of the Trijicon Tactical Advanced Riflescope (TARS): one of Beechwood Equipment's premier illuminated reticle scopes in the Trijicon Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ series.

Beechwood Equipment is based in Surrey and was founded in 1987. It supplies a diverse range of high-quality military equipment to the UK Ministry of Defence and police forces. Beechwood Equipment prides itself on offering the most relevant and up-to-date systems and technology, with a particular specialisation in optical sights, thermal and night vision devices, tactical equipment and fleet support logistics.

In line with its pursuit of the most comprehensive and consistent service possible, Beechwood Equipment has developed strong partnerships with a number of major worldwide manufacturers. These include SIG Sauer, FLIR Government Systems and Trijicon Inc.

The introduction of the TARS High-Performance Riflescope into the UK market was made by Trijicon Inc. and UK distributor Beechwood Equipment. This partnership has resulted in some of the most advanced optical products being made available to the UK's armed forces and police services.

Beechwood Equipment is pleased to announce the release of the TARS riflescope, and is convinced that it represents a quantum leap forward in optical sight design.

About The Trijicon TARS Riflescope

Engineered with aeronautical-grade aluminium for lightness and durability, the Trijicon TARS Riflescope is one of Beechwood Equipment's most exceptional pieces of optical engineering.

With the sheer volume of indispensable features associated with the TARS system, Beechwood Equipment is convinced that the scope will prove to be immensely successful in military applications and in the realm of hunting and leisure.

Trijicon Inc. have used the finest quality glass in the construction of the TARS, which has been carefully modified and coated to permit optimum luminosity. In testing, Trijicon has found that the installed lenses and their LED promise far more efficiency than contemporary alternatives. Indeed, Beechwood Equipment suggests that the customisable (duplex, MOA or JW) reticles provide unsurpassed stability and precision compared to the TAR's competitors.

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