Beenae plasencia

hello, my name is Beenae Plasencia.I currently attend Georgia Perimeter College, this is my first year. The career I am studying for is Early Childhood Education. the reason I chose this career field is because I love children. also, the fact I do have experience with children of all ages benefits me in the long run.

Every major has different skills and qualification that portray a success in that field. As a college student and someone who has experience in the eduacation field developed skills that benefit me in tha field. for instance, I am a kind hearted person, and have a high tolerence when it comes to patience. I developed a couple of skills while actually working in the field, all the children are different and have unique personalities. Me as a teacher I have to bring out the creativity and expand thier motor skills. adapting to what may change through out the day is a big must have, being able to be flexible with the children's learning style. overall having character to working with kids and always LOVE what you do.

what strived me to choose early childhood as my career path? the love for children. honestly when i got the opportunity to work in a private school when i recently was fresh out of high school opened the doors for me. And, decided this is what I wanted to do. as time passed by I was surprised each and everyday by the children and how fast they learned. how easy it was for them to retain the smallest thing. Their improvement always kept over joyed because I was making a change in their life.