Ashley Bradley

Coordinator, Decorator, and Designer in Killeen, Texas

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My name is Ashley Bradley, and I design, decorate, and cater. And it started all by accident.

I was a broke college student with a newborn working two part-time jobs and would host study parties at my apartment, and because I couldn’t afford to buy snacks, I would make them myself or throw potlucks. I rapidly grew tired of the same old things so I would create fun yet tasty dishes. My friends would always want the recipe or ask me to cook for them and some even offer to pay me.

I would test my new creations on my parents and since my dad is a pastor, I usually cooked for his church gathering as well as serve and design his flyers and programs. I eventually branched out into the underground music scene as well as small businesses.

In 2006, I founded Beez Fly South Coordinating & Events.

I have a successful following on social media including Myspace, Facebook and later Twitter from 2006-2013. I hosted live events such as block parties, birthday parties, weddings, church functions, school events, family reunions, mixers, college events as well as show cases and underground music events.

Beez Fly South is top of the line hands-on service at an affordable cost. My clients can expect the very best service and reviews. They will be connected to the right vendors and have the opportunity to network with the right people. I am aware that planning an event can be hard and it can also become very expensive if you’re unsure of what’s required.

Hiding behind a computer or cell phone screen is somewhat impersonal and although it’s convenient at times, being able to have an active hand in your vision gives it much more clarity. Connect with someone who understands your frustrations is comforting. Planning an event should be fun especially when the planner loves what she does.

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