Common Sense Comes Before Book Sense

The literary crossroad of business, coming of age, leadership and Christie's coined term "self resource", "Common Sense Comes Before Book Sense" shares the full circle journey of the author, who realizes that much of what she has been seeking in classes, courses, mentorships and expanded career opportunities was already in her cadre of resources as provided through the "other education" of her mother's West Indian proverbial wisdom.

Humorous while simultaneously reflective and directive, Christie uses West Indian proverbs to share her experiences from her professional and personal roles to offer her take on life, work and trusting one's "self-wealth", including how understanding that "Every shut eye nuh sleep and every skin teeth nuh laugh" can transform your career progression plan, or knowing that "What sweet yuh at yuh mout, gon' sour yuh at yuh behind" can protect your marriage.

Chock full of anecdotal wisdom and the author's healthy admission that maybe, just maybe, her Mommy was right and smarter than originally thought, Christie imparts her gradual realization that much of what she needed when she entered the big, bad world, her mother, her faith and her community had already provided. As you traverse this tome with Christie, you may discover that right now you may already have all that you need for your next and your next level.

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