The Before The Music Program will introduce the art of recording to young aspiring artist and/or children who have an interest in this field. This hands on experience will give students the opportunity to record in a state of the art recording studio with an engineer and learn what it takes to record music. Including everything from being introduced to studio equipment to learning and developing recording techniques. Being comfortable and confident in the studio is very important for aspiring artist and both come with time and experience. By course completion, students will be able to apply these tools and use their experiences to travel their musical journeys with their God given talents and now enlightened minds.

All children from the ages of 8 through 16 are welcome to attend. This course is broken down into 6 classes. All though it is recommended you attend each class in the scheduled order, it is not mandatory. Each class last for approx. 45 minutes and will have a maximum of 5 students at a time.

The schedule of classes are as follows:

1. Introduction to the Studio - Students will be introduced to the facility and all the equipment. Learning "what does what."

2. Vocabulary - Students will learn and become familiar with studio, production and song-writing lingo. Being able to communicate with fellow artist in a studio setting is very important and this class will give the proper tools to accomplish just that.

3. Legends & Sounds of the Art - This class will educate attendees on legendary musicians, engineers and producers from all genres of music who had huge impacts. Music will be played and instrumentation will be identified and dissected. Students will be more then welcome to take notes.

4. Where The Magic Happens - Some say the recording booth is where the magic happens. If that's so, that means it's not a place to waste time and learning the fundamentals will give all students the upper hand.

5. Developing Technique

6. Your Big Debut