Befrienders Kenya


Befrienders Kenya is a charitable organization whose main focus is suicide prevention through its confidential listening and counselling service and community outreach activities to those who are in distress and therefore in danger of committing suicide.

Suicidewhich in many cases is preventable, is still a taboo subject and shrouded withsilence. Befrienders Kenya breaks this silence through awareness creation tode-stigmatize suicide and strengthen support for those bereaved by suicide. Wealso partner withorganizations,government agencies and individuals to promote awareness about suicide andmental health illnesses associated with suicide, as well as suicide prevention.Thisyear, Befrienders Kenya has teamed up with Samaritans Medical Services, PCEAKikuyu Hospital, My Mind, My Funk and African Mental Health Foundation to markthe World Suicide Prevention Day whose theme isPreventing Suicide:Reaching Out and Saving Lives.The event heldat PCEA Kikuyu Hospital (30kilometers from Nairobi City Center) onThursday 10th September, from 9am – 1pm will bring together 300 guests fromcommunity groups, health workers, students and representatives from schools,colleges andBuniversitiesalong with media coverage and the general public. There will be variouspresentations from experts, personal testimonies among other activities to markthe day. Pleasesee the attached agenda.World Suicide Prevention Daywas started in2003 as an initiative of International Association for Suicide Prevention(IASP) supported by World Health Organization (WHO) and is observed on 10th September each year to promote worldwideaction to prevent suicide. Various events and activities are usually held tomark the day and raise awareness about suicide which is a major cause of deathwith World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every 40 seconds, someonedies through suicide.