Manoj Begwani

Manifold Accessories

We have been among the leaders in this field since a long time and have served this sector for more than 30 years. In this span of time we have not only introduced new products in the market but also new concepts and technology. For instance our passion for introducing new technology is totally reflected in our latest Ward Vacuum Suction Unit which is based on an out rightly new concept both in terms of usage and technology. Our out of the box initiatives and a constant zeal to grow have helped us to become one of the best in our industry especially when it comes to quality. The products that we manufacture and deal with are of utmost quality with impeccable performance. Currently we are making an annual turnover of about 50 million (Rupee) or 1 million (U.S Dollars) rising annually by approximately 21% since the last 5 years.

Our company is based in the eastern part of India (Kolkata) but our customer profile has no geographical limitations. We are catering more than 200 customers all over India including large Indian companies and many multinationals.