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EXO 김종인 (kimjongin)'s roleplayer.

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Birth name : Kim Jongin (김종인)

Stage name : Kai (카이)

Date of birth : January 14, 1994

Blood Type : A

Family : Father, mother, two big sisters

Height : 182 cm

Nationality : Korean

Position : Main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper

Speciality : Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, rocking)

Hobby : Reading books, listening to music / dancing

Favorite music : R&B, Hip Hop

Favorite food : Fried chicken

Favorite color : Red, black, sky Blue

Favorite number : 1

Favorite movie : Billy Elliot

Personality : “Even though I’m a bit brusque, I am warmhearted. Also, I want to treat others well bit I am awkward when it comes to expressing myself"

Motto : “I’d rather bend than break"

my SQUAD as roleplayer: exochingu—13A—10kji—9tetangga—beats—bisco

my as roleplayer:

part of WeAreSM FAVOR 24AFC SomvlakFams 69PRS BEBELAC D43BAK

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