Well, the answer will be different according to who you ask. The word demon itself means a lesser spirit and in some mythologies, it means a devil. Taken from the Greek word 'daimon,' demons are entities that are divine in power and abundant with wisdom. Some people will say that demons are pure energies, while others will say that they are the gods who were worshipped by the Pagans before the cult of Christianity spread throughout the world. But all things considered, whether one wants to admit it or not; a demon is a god and should be respected as such.
Demons have existed since the beginning. They each have their own personality and are not evil or good, but capable of both. They are teachers, guides, creators, destroyers, and yes they can be a friend to humans if they so choose. There are many demons; way too many to count. Some of them have names that are known to us, but there are many more whose names we do not know and others have given their name to only those people that they have chosen to reveal themselves to. For every emotion, element and situation, there is a demon to represent it; for example, there is a demon of love, hate, war, health, knowledge and friendship. If one wants help in a certain situation, they would go to the demon that embodies that particular thing. Demons do not have physical form but they will appear in visions looking a certain way, often in a way that shows their character.There is much information out there on demons; some true and not true. Don't take what others have said about demons as the ultimate truth, as many people who talk of them do not know them and only go by what they have heard, read or believed from other religions. Just because you hear that a certain demon is evil and will do you wrong, it doesn't mean that they are that way. In fact they might be the total opposite. If you want to get to know the true nature of a particular demon, read and learn everything you can about them and then if you want to and are ready; you can try to communicate with them Now if you have decided to make a connection, be polite and respectful to the demon/demoness and NEVER, EVER use the name of any other god, such as Jehovah, to get their attention, even though some books or grimoires say to do so. Also, you may read in various places that it is best to create a circle to 'contain' the demon in order to protect yourself; but don't be fooled by such nonsense. A demon is too po