lincoln smith

Boutte, LA

lincoln is the founder and co-owner of SkyLine CliQue Movement formally known as "A.S.E" accompanied by his main pal Tristan Lepine A.K.A "$paid" in a collective counterpart. This movement is in the belief of starting a environment/community of creative minds. ranging any where from a Artist, audio engineer, writer, DJ. They believe Art can make a mark on the world. their ambition, motive, and non-caring attitude to negative opinions say alot about the complicity and flare the two youngs minds will bring fourth in to the future

"in spare time I'm just your regular abnormal young person, don't fit in I set my own trends and my own rules, that's why me in my best pal tristian get along so well we just do. We have some creative thinking that people will want to invest into once they realize the value in our market. "

"Music and creative wrting is my life but outside of that I have a passion for cooking, I'm a cartoon nerd put family guy on or tom & jerry and you just lost me haha. I'm just a down to earth type of guy, very humble get that from my dad. I was that child who always had outrageous dreams and thinking now perusing"

"my skin is comfortable in hip hop, the way I would describe it if jazz and poetry made love with each other with a guitar to cope with its deep dark hardcore side, I tend to fade out of my genre though I'm a freak of nature in the music world"

"Im collaborating my first project, no official released date yet but stay updated on my Facebook page Skyline Clique Movement, the page still being constructed so just bare with, we won't let you down" "Feed your eyes"

  • Education
    • hahnville high