Behzad Daniel Ferdows

Visionary in Dubai

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Behzad Daniel Ferdows has always had a vision of evolving and implementing modern construction and high tech solutions across the developing world.

Now the owner of several building & construction companies, including Mammut Industries & Mammut Construction Group amongst many others based in the UAE, Behzad is still completely dedicated to changing the landscape of the existing world for the better.

As a true entrepreneur and engineer at heart, Behzad also has a keen interest within emerging industries and holds a true passion to pioneer new technologies, leading to his direct involvement in designing factories using state of the art robotic equipment from Europe. This interest is something that Behzad continues to nurture, as he now focuses on the cryptoworld, NFT’s and the metaverse.

Behzad is a car enthusiasts and avid traveller whose interests include offroad car and motorbike rally racing as well as winter skiing and mountain hiking. Keen to share his thoughts and ideas, Behzad has authored numerous articles on emerging industries and engineering.

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