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Beige Burka

Kabul, Afghanistan

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What started as a daily rant among co-workers, friends, local residents of our camp located in Kabul suburbia, became a blog and a story.

This docu-rant described the interactions of humans who personally detest their shitty jobs while working with difficult co-workers and inhabitants, who diligently aspire to contribute to everyone misery. The blog was left aside on good days written on difficult days. The main character wanting to exact vengeance against those who are horrible humans in a meaningful manner, uses the only weapon she has –words.

The depraved unconventional thoughts and non-beautiful half-ass images are an illustration of the limitations the environment provides technologically as it is all spent on defense, plus no one has time to Photoshop in a war zone. You make due with what you have during year 1352.

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