Present Moment


A little message from me (hopefully to inspire you):

"Inspired by movement today, I would like to remind you of the miracle of the body - mind connection. So much of our journey can be felt and understood through moving our bodies to mindful movement. We can get to know our boundaries, calm our crazy thought patterns and of course the most amazing part is our ability to release a natural 'drug' within us called Serotonin and a whole lot more that ignites that zest for life."

Introducing myself:

Our life's journey is a constant re-committing,re-balancing, re-evaluating, re-aligning...I am re-committing to mine...join me.

A seeker at heart, observing and feeling life as I live it...I am taking a step out of my comfort zone onto a platform - I am still discovering - the world wide web... and a potential step into YOUR and THE LIVES of others ACROSS the WORLD that can/could/may hear me...take what serves you and leave what doesn't. My intention is to share my journey in its truth and with pure intention.