H@r$hit Jain

I am a person who is full of dreams, love the glamor world, love to win prizes in competitions, love to be appreciated, love freedom.... not an over attitude boy those people who think I m an attitude boy they really need some rest... I love Chocolates ... I love perfumes & deodorants.. .. I love barish ke bad wala mousam... {Romantic na}..

I want everything from life....I m very friendly...Fun loving & naughty boy.. I m very AMBITIOUS.. My dreams r as high as sky & my desires r countless... I want 2 be on top..... I never want less then best... I m so talkative but very few times shy & short temper [I dun know y].. but I love 2 interacting with new people... I love Gifts... I am very sensitive, understand others feelings, soft, gentle & I really enjoy attention... I love stage.... !! Stage can b anything [lyk dancing, ramp, presentation, anchoring or something else] from where many people can see me & clap 4 me...

I m a day dreamer & I believe that always dream big if u will not think big u never able 2 touch the sky AGAR DEKHNA CHAHTE HO MERI UDAN KO,

I love fun fun fun & masti.... pleasant environment, fast driving, all festivals, s, parties & hanging out.
I want 2 enjoy every moment of life... live lyf as king size....I always beliv 2 live in 21st century some tym over romantic....muaaaahhh.

I hate misers, emotionless persons, baniya type boyzz N galzz & backward thinking, or dakiyanus narrow-minded peoples... I hate going college in uniform... I hate Helmets, I never wear it.

I never hide my info,wall, photos etc.. why should I hide yarr... I m nt doing anything wrong... I m like a open book.. I m wat I m.. sometimes People laugh at me b.coz I m different.. I simply laugh at them b.coz they all are same
Describe me in 1 Sentence - a bulb who burn itself for spreading light in others life but if u try to hurt him it will give u a shock. . If u r good for me I m best for u.. If u r bad I can be worst for u..

I b.liv to live lyf on full xtent live lyf as king size.. Do watever u want.. I've made my profile colorful coz I believe that life is precious colorful gift of god & we should respect it..