Bejan Esmaili

Bejan Esmaili serves as co-founder and CEO of Flex-Power, Inc., a firm built around the flagship Flexpower Analgesic Cream used by professional athletes from the MLS, NBA, NFL, and MLB. By the time Bejan Esmaili founded the firm, he had more than a decade of experience in providing wealth management services to prominent clients, including celebrities and professional athletes. As Vice-President at Morgan Stanley, he focused on positioning portfolio assets in the venture capital and technology spheres.

Mr. Esmaili's involvement with Flex-Power spans all operational levels, including strategic partnership building, product development, and other value-enhancing activities. The company has been featured on CNBC and in prominent publications such as Fortune and Forbes Magazine, and is used by a number of well-known sporting figures.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Esmaili earned his Bachelor's degree at the University of California at Berkeley. Bejan Esmaili actively supports a number of charitable endeavors, including the Claudio Reyna Foundation, the Steve Nash Foundation, and the Pat Tillman Foundation. In his free time, Bejan Esmaili enjoys playing soccer and coaching his children's soccer teams.