Bekah Evie Bel

Blogger, Homeschooler, and Hellenic Pagan in Melbourne, Australia

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Hi! I'm Bekah Evie Bel.

I am, firstly, a mum of three. Two who are homeschooled and one who is too young to be homeschooled yet. I blog infrequently and neglectfully about homeschooling and parenting at Aussie Pagan Homeschool.

I am a Revivalist Hellenic Pagan, Hearth Witch, Omnitheist, Devotee of Hekate and Devotee of the Covenant of Hekate. I blog frequently about Paganism, Hellenism, Hekate, Witchy stuff and Aussie-centric Paganism at Patheos Pagan as the Hearth Witch Down Under.

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