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Rebekah Haugen

I’m a bright young Portrait photographer, skilled in using natural light, whom you can be chill with to get a real and beautiful image. Born overseas with a father who always kept a camera handy on base, you could say that art and adventure have always been in my heart. What started with a little girl, exploring grandma’s garden with a disposable camera, has turned into quite the addiction. I am well practiced in capturing ones personality in a single image that also makes them look good. I tote my camera around as I enjoy hiking, singing, songwriting, musical theater, racing events, and generally just having fun when I’m not serving at a restaurant to fund my passions.

Photography Related Work:

September 2014 - June 2015Photo Editor/Photographer at the Advocate newspaper

2015 September - October Headshots for Washington Park TMA

2012 - 2015Freelance as Beka Nichele Photography


Masters school of art - 2005 – 2007

Approaching completion of Associate in Integrated Media Photography


-2015 ONPA Sports Photography 2nd Place

-2015 PNAJE Individual Sweeps 3rd Place

-2015 PNAJE Portraits 2nd Place

Interests:Sports Photography andEnvironmental Portrait, singing/song writing