Mirjana Pavlovic

1991 - I have started to work on the Third channel RTS as a speaker and leader in the information desk.I was hosting and conducting "AVIS Patrol" (a short info-service for drivers) which had outstanding ratings. 1992 - I implemented my first TV show “Greetings from Belgrade” / watched via satellite around the world/ as the editor and host. Since 1996. I work as a journalist and editor in the newsroom RTS Marketing and as an editor I have hosted serials such as: MARKETING Express, PGP Good Night, SUNDAY EXPRESS, TOMBOLINA, BINGO, TV PORTRAIT etc. In 2000. I have been engaged in MIP radio station FC PARTIZAN Belgrade.I have created numerous of radio programs, shows, jingles and commercials. 2005. I have began to work in Marketing RTS as a presenter and supervisor of the web portal RTS. 2010. in December I have accepted the offer to join RTS Radio 202 as a member in the new creative team of this radiostation.

I am a member of the Association of Journalists of Serbia.