Beka Smith

God has always had His hand on my life. In every season He is faithful.

The ministry of Ekklesia in Bellingham, Washington is a new chapter in the story that He is writing for me. This grassroots Jesus movement has captured my heart and passion as Jesus is proclaimed throughout this city. Our mission simply being to create an authentic Christian community that effectively reaches out to unchurched people in love, acceptance and forgiveness so that they may know the joy of salvation and a purposeful life of discipleship.

The gifts of leadership and creativity on my life have landed me a unique role in the forming of this ministry. Whether coaching young women in leading small groups, helping create a budget, acting as a liaison to other churches, or leading our community in worship, I know that He is most glorified in me when I am fully satisfied in Him; trusting His call and being faithful to steward my gifts wisely and humbly.

As the ministry grows, the needs are growing exponentially. Ekklesia is looking for people who believe in the mission and want to partner with us primarily in prayer. We will take no ground which has not first been covered in prayer.

I am confident that God has strategically placed me in Bellingham and with Ekklesia for such a time as this. Would you prayerfully consider supporting me financially in this incredible movement of God?

For more infomation on how to get involved via giving, prayer or weekly updates follow the links below.