Rebekka Ellis


I am an artist. I grew up living with my strong, outspoken, fun, extravagant, wonderfully loving, and supportive, single mother for most of my childhood, and I can honestly say she was my best friend. For a few years I lived with my grandparents as well, who spoiled me like mad, and did everything they could to teach me to thrive on my ability to stand out as an individual. I have seven siblings but grew up around only four of them. I was the youngest. and there is a ten year gap between myself and the youngest before me. Of my four siblings I grew up around, I am closest to the two youngest boys. They have always been there for me in a way that was only surpassed by my mother. I had a wonderful support system that I hope to some day equal for my four beautiful angels. My amazingly (scary) gorgeous two oldest girls, Kyla and Leah, and my personality packed, adorable twins, Seth and Sadie.


I love to write. Writing is my one true passion. I started writing poetry when I was in middle school and have worked to develop my writing skills in multiple styles and genres. I enjoy writing both fiction and non fiction. I love to learn about new things, but I also love exploring the hidden passages within my imagination. Writing is my oasis as well as my therapist. I am comfortable with a pencil and paper. They do not judge me. Not to say my readers won't, but I think you will like what I have for you.

I have studied both Literature and Technical communication. I excel in academic writing as well as business writing.

My Main Style:

I love descriptions. I am blown away by the beauty of language and its ability to create worlds within worlds. For this reason, I tend to favor fiction, however, I have been able to develop my writing skills so that I am able to use the descriptive process in any element of writing (even in business oriented process explanations). I hope that you enjoyed my Bio. Thank you for taking the time to read it. If you find yourself in need of writing services of any kind feel free to come visit me at