Bekka Peebles


Working with one of the masters of Pilates for the past year, Mr Alan Herdman, legend and innovator of the body. Career change has been the best move I made, working as a Hair Stylist for 15 years, specialising in creating an individual style that is tailormade for the client. Years of study in hair colour, perfectly cut form and complimenting personality to design for years was a great platform for me to utilise skills in making people feel great in themselves. It feels like a natural progression to work in the world of Pilates and the world of wellness.

After alot of personal training and fascination in my own body and health I always felt frustrated that I was not benefitting from the gym, exercises that would leave me red in the face but not pert in the derriere. Then I discovered Pilates. An intelligent dynamic way of working with all muscle groups that support the skeletal and nervous system, making you feel instantly more flexible, stronger and creating a more functional body that could get you through the day and enhance your dance through the night.

Breath in that fills you full of oxygen and breath out that helps you release all the toxins of the day. Modern life can make us become stiff and lethargic, then we head to the gym for a burn up, most of the time doing exercise that wont necessarily enhance your body but temporarily reduce stress.

Breath, Control, Flexibilty, Strength, mindfulness, many things that you gain through pilates will give many people a new look on life and a better posture! My favourite part of the way I work is the energy and positive reinforcement I can offer people to live happier healthy lives. So my journey has begun, pilates then onto Nutrition whilst working as a hair stylist on a straighter more alligned client!

Wellness Coaching, a career that will hopefully continually evolve using the best and most positive elements...the physical body, the food you fuel it with and to top it off with a great Hair style!....May all our journeys begin....always follow your dreams no matter what comes in your way.......Believe!

  • Work
    • Hairstylist and Pilates Teacher
  • Education
    • Pilates and Hair @ Vidal Sassoons academy