Bekkie Wetz

New York, New York, United States

Hi, I’m Bekkie and my employee benefits journey began before I actually joined Reward Gateway as an employee. I worked at YHA (a charity in the midlands) on a 3 month contract working within their HR team. It was a really exciting opportunity for me and my first glimpse into the world of employee benefits. I was given a budget, told to research the market for the best providers and ‘seal the deal’ so to speak.

So my journey began. After extensive market research it was clear to me that Reward Gateway was by far the best provider for employee discounts. A deal was done; Reward Gateway was now the official provider of employee discounts to YHA’s 1200 staff. I was so impressed with Reward Gateway's vision, product and service that I had to get involved. I secured an interview and shortly after became the latest employee of Reward Gateway.

I worked in the sales team for 6 months supporting them to hit their targets. However, I wanted to work with clients, to learn what was important to them and to provide real solutions to increase their employee engagement.

I became a 360 Account Manager, it was fast paced, exciting and never boring! This is where my love of employee engagement and client teamwork began. It was great learning how each client is unique and working together with them to achieve real results.

A year after starting this role a vacancy arose in our newly created New York office. I jumped at the chance. I arrived in the NY office and we began transforming the empty space into something special. Yahoo! were our first client, we had a really successful launch with great engagement levels from the word go. The program is a continued success and we’re currently exploring how we can integrate it with their other benefits initiatives.

It has been over 18 months since I first arrived in NY and we have greatly expanded our NY office as well as our client base. I work with some great employers, consisently working on increasing their employee engagement and providing the world class service Reward Gateway is known for and proud of.