Belal Aziz

Digital Security

Introduction to digital security:

It is the electronic precaution to ensure safety of a person online, people in the normal everyday community are always legible to steal things from you, it happens all the time, just like how we all protect ourselves from these things with locks or fences, online and digital security measures can be taken to have self protection of theft by others in the online community.

how to protect yourself and be secure digitally:

the first way to be completely protected is to always have a source of backup, people's files can be very important and in order to insure that they stay secure and accessible at all time is to have data backed up on several different tools. many methods are compromised of things like using online resources such as dropbox and windows live skydrive where people can upload things to them instanlty and access them anywhere. another way is to have a hard disk drive where all the computer data can be stored based on the amount the hard drive can take, this stores usually ALOT more data than the online services because of the storage space allowed, also, its much faster to copy files onto hard drives because they do not go through the internet.

This impacts me alot everyday, i can use dropbox if if i am travelling or away and i can store data on it to use it and download it to any other computer. i use hardrives to archive all my data that ive ever had ever since i started using a computer, because if i need it at anytime for emergencies such as a computer failure, i can always recall the files easily.

another way of digital security are Anti-Virus softwares such as Kaspersky, AVG and McAfee antiviruses that can be installed on your computer. these softwares work by scanning files on the computer regularly to check for any abnormal malicious files that can be harmful to your computer and removes them instantly if it recognizes a threat.

this impacts me because if i get a virus on my computer from downloading something, it can be harmful and can destroy my system, also can track all my information and can let others access my private information and can lead to a leak of security, for example, all my files can be deleted or corrupted, hacked or stolen through viruses.

another method of staying secure digitally is to have a secure password that can allow access to a computer or laptop and other devices like ipads and phones, most people c