Rory Aleksander Jones (Gutierrez)

Student, Cosplayer, and Choir in North Carolina

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✨ Hello! My name is Rorik Aleksander Jones, though you might know me as Rory/Oliver Gutierrez

✨ My birthday is December 4th, and I am 14!

✨ Any pronouns accepted!

✨ I am a genderfluid demiboy, biromantic, asexual, and polyamorous

✨ ISTJ, Chaotic Neutral, Slytherin, Ice-Fairy type

✨ Sagittarius w/ Aquarius moon

✨ Main interests are Hetalia, Yuri!!! On Ice, Love Live: School Idol Festival/Project, Disney in general, and specifically Moana!

✨ I'm a beginner cosplayer, having started in 2015. I've done a few cosplays, with two complete official ones! (APH England, Tsukishima Kei)

✨ I'm multilingual, fluent in Spanish and English, and learning Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Romanian, Hungarian, and French!

✨ I'm a beginner figure skater as well, and I play volleyball! (Promoted from Bronze to Silver League as of September 2016)

✨ I also am planning on beginning to write, so suggestions for potential APH fanfictions are appreciated!! (May end up doing drabbles)