Bela Pinter

WARNING SERIOUS OWNAGE AHEAD: When you sit down to a good meal, how often is it that you drink one of your own wines? Do you think that with the kind of production that you do, that it would be fair to call your product "jug" wine being packaged in 750ml bottles? Do you think that using the word "reserve" on your wines, (which has no legal definition) could be confusing for some consumers? And finally, given Gallo's success with them, have you ever considered a line of fortified wines? YEAH FUCK YOU BAREFOOT WINERY

I like: 1) Anyone who agrees that MacGyver is the single greatest television creation of all time. 2) Cheese...I Love Cheese...And If I could marry it, I would. 3) Webovision 4) Pokemon and the mighty morphin power rangers

I Dislike: 1)VH1: First it was "Remember the 70's": Nope, wasn’t there. Then it was "Remember the 80's": Most of it yeah, but is it really worth reminiscing over? Let's be real folks, the 80's were a nightmare. Then they come out with "Remember the 90's: Seriously? are people not remembering a decade that ended 5 years ago? Hey, Remember yesterday stupid? 3)Whitey 4)the number 13 5)inconsistency 6)waiting in line for anything 7)People who don’t understand how a 4-way stop works 8)Guys in trucker hats. They are for hot girls, not little boys. 8)And my annoying neighbors who have yet to fully grasp the concept of quiet/respectful co-existence.