James Belbin

Nutrition coach, Life Coach, and Coach in Hove, United Kingdom

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James is an evidence-based nutritionist and psychology of eating coach based in Hove, East Sussex, UK

James is passionate about helping people understand that the "What, Why, How and When" we eat is the key to improving our personal nutrition skills.

James believes that everyone has their own unique requirements and works with them to personalise a solution that supports their lifestyle, daily calorie requirements, activity profile and personal food choices.

He works with clients both privately along the southcoast and online with clients hailing from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

James will use the latest nutritional research, critical thinking and proven eating psychology.

All backed up with real clinical evidence to ensure you get the results you want.

Knowledge, consistency and support play a big part in achieving success.

We can solve the obesity epidemic if we stop focusing solely on 'what' to eat and concentrate more on improving daily habits.

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James is a qualified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition and licenced to use their online coaching system called Procoach. This means i have the flexibility to support clients anywhere in the world.

James is currently also studying with MacNutrition Uni in Loughborough to keep up to date with the latest in evidence-based nutrition.

ie no fads or rip off supplements.


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