Mouritsen Meier

If there is one thing Se Marketers and site owners fear - it is a significant formula update, especially by Google. We found out about principles by searching the San Francisco Herald. Well, much as we might enjoy it not to happen, its here. Google has done an important algorithm update, nick called Jagger update series.

Google does minimal algorithm changes nearly on a monthly basis and once-in a little while, it utilizes a significant algorithm update. The final major Google algorithm update happened in November 2003 called the Florida update, which produced quite a stir with site ranks. This interesting TM website has a few powerful cautions for when to recognize it. To know more, read our article on Google Florida Algo Update.

Like the Florida update, the much feared blender act have been done by the Jagger update. It's churned the top-ranking websites and made it in-to a summary of unrecognizable pulp. Visit internet to research where to think over this belief.

Google is a huge hot-favorite amongst the net area trying to find information. Most believe that the search results have always been highly appropriate. It'd be for that reason safe to assume that what-ever formula Google has, works just fine. So why does Google need to re-engineer its perfect-looking algo so dramatically? Has it maybe not heard the word don't resolve what aint broke? From Google's viewpoint, the main reason is easy and valid. Well, for starters, web is ever-evolving and the algo always must be altered so that you can provide the best-of results. Google designed an algo, which it believes will reward great sites and rank them well for its people.

Google, like the majority of other search engines, keeps this algo a carefully guarded secret to avoid it from being abused. Nevertheless, the SEO group is continually at work trying to rank their web sites well. Using calculated anxiety, reasonable thinking, specific tests and extensive trial-and-error techniques, they slowly find out what the formula likes and dislikes. Armed with this knowledge, it is not difficult to work on sites to rank them full of SERP (Internet Search Engine Result Pages), whether the site deserves to rank at the very top o