Hi, I´m Belen and I´m from Mexico. I´m introverted sometimes my humor is strange at the same as my personality.

I like act, I´m actress, my passion is act, I´m really into it.

I´m a big fan of the boyband Super Junior, well I´m an ELF, more clearly ONLY ELF.

I enjoy translate de fanaccounts, lyrics, tweets and news about Super Junior in my native languaje.

In my free time I´m fangirl hard with Super Junior.

I´m not really crazy about k-pop, I´m only in that world for Super Junior and for nothing else.

Oh! I love be a shipper of KyuMin, EunHae, KangTeuk, Sichul, HanChul, YeWook and ShinDongxgirlfriend. I´m JOYer

My bias are: YeSung and LeeTeuk.

I don´t hate something, I think that all the persons are differents so the interest aren´t the same, I´m just have a slogan "Don´t do the things that you don´t want the persons do to you".

I´m not to worried about the "bad" comments about me, is just part of the live that types of comments.

I want to learn Chinese, Japanese and progress in my korean.

"Special Day" is in the link of twitlonger