Anna Belfrage

Malmö, Skane, Sweden

Born in Sweden, I was still a baby when my parents decided to move to South America – at the time as distant from Sweden as the moon. My childhood was spent in various South American countries, and as a consequence I grew up tri-lingual and with a fondness for spicy food, Salsa and hammocks.
Had I been allowed to choose, I’d have become a professional time-traveller. As such a profession sadly does not as yet exist, I settled for second best and became a financial professional (I like numbers – AND words) with two absorbing and time-consuming interests, namely British History and writing. These days, I spend almost as much time writing and researching as I do working, which leaves little time for other important pursuits in life such as cooking, baking and buying new rose varieties.

All this writing has resulted in a number of published books, all of them part of The Graham Saga, which is the story of two people who should never have met, not when she was born three hundred years after him... Set in the 17th century, The Graham Saga follows Matthew and Alex through a most adventurous life, from Scotland to Virginia, back to Scotland and then to Maryland. Religious persecution, slavery, betrayal and revenge - everything happens to those two!

Other than The Graham Saga (where book six is up for publication in July of 2014, books seven and eight to come in November 2014 and February 2015) I am also working on a new series, this time set in 14th century England, at the time of Roger Mortimer and Edward II. I have a soft spot for Mortimer, and have enhanced the story with my very own invented Adam de Guirande (and him I have a HUGE soft spot for) and his wife, Kit.

On top of this, there's my WIP set in the 17th century (I love the 17th century!) in Sweden, where a young woman at Queen Kristina's court takes on more than she can chew the day she steals a casket of gems from nasty nobleman Gustav Natt och Dag. Sofia feels entitled to the jewels, given what Gustav has put her through. Gustav doesn't agree...

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    • CFO & Writer
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    • A lot... Degrees in Finance, Modern Languages, Business Admin