Drew Bolton

Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa

The stage name, "Bel Geode", came about when I formed my band- Dionysos, back in 1997. While Dionysos eventually disbanded, when I moved from Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh in 2001, the name became my default internet pseudonym... as well as my gamer name.

I got into PC videogaming in 2003, on the heels of my divorce, and over the years I have played many single and multiplayer titles. I have coupled this love of gaming with my penchant for writing; the results of which are in my blog- "Drewciferianisms". There I relate my in-game experiences, tied in with real life philosophy, to create a casual, image filled blog that anyone might enjoy.

I am constantly on the hunt for new ideas and ways to link my passion with my bank account, and have written articles for various other online gaming publications, including Elite Monster- a former gaming e-zine based here in Pittsburgh. In the past I have run forum communities as a moderator and administrator. I have also done voiceover and podcasting for independent community channels, and have my ownYouTube channel. I also live-stream my gaming on twitch.tv, though lately, not often. I am also open to using my musical talents, should the right opportunity arise.

I can currently be found in such games as Guild Wars 2, Star Wars- The Old Republic, Black Desert Online (Korean beta), Skyrim, Tera, Microsoft Flight Sim X, DCS World, Everquest II, The Secret World, and even Sims 4 and Cities: Skylines. My gaming profile is also on player.me.

Looking to the future, I have a strong desire to move out west sometime, in particular Portland, Oregon. I have been there before, years ago, and will gladly go there again, should the right opportunity present itself. It's out there Universe... Bring it!

  • Work
    • Self Employed
  • Education
    • Former Art Major, English minor