Will Weckel

Songwriter in San Diego, California

Listen to my music

Is anybody out there? I am one of the myriad of souls that refer to themselves as musician. Where I am at is my doing, meaning I own my mistakes. I love people, love to be on stage. I would love very much for people to hear my music, I am not supported by this and it troubles me. I work a day job which consumes my life and not positively. So many of us have talents and are not able to pursue these gifts. I am not looking for sympathy, what I am trying to convey is that perhaps many could relate. I also enjoy reading, writing poetry. Now the poetry I pen is quite different from the words and melodies I create. My poetry can be read under "notes" section on f/b the music can be heard at www.cdbaby.com/artist/WillWeckel. I welcome any to come and listen and read my work. Peace