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These deposits cause the formation of new vessels which interfere with the nutrition of the retina and lead to death of your cells, the main characteristic of diabetic retinopathy" he explains.

In addition to preventing calcification of arteries and vessels, highlights, magnesium hinders the production of a potent vasoconstrictor, endothelin-1 Get More Answers

So who makes poor diet magnesium has a greater chance of contracting hypertension and primary open-angle glaucoma, due to lower blood flow to the optic nerve head.

The problems of nutritional deficiency do not stop there.

The expert said magnesium aids in absorption of vitamins E, C and B, essential nutrients for the health of ocular tissues and other organs.

It also protects against oxidative stress that can cause early cataract aggravate skin aging and the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual tension) between women said.

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The main signs of magnesium deficit reported Tremor eyelids or hands; cramp and involuntary movements of the face, Insomnia; Weakness; tachycardia and Loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting

The doctor says these discomforts do not appear simultaneously and may still be associated with other health. Adopt supplementation on its own, not thinking. Quiroz Nero explains that the absorption of magnesium and calcium compete. Therefore, the consumer should be combined. Furthermore, supplementation requires medical attention because it can cause excessive drop in blood pressure, changes in bone calcification and respiratory problems.

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