Belinda Fluker

Mansfield, Ohio

First things first, I suppose that I should introduce myself. My name is Belinda Ann Flucker, I am 30 years old and live in Northern Central Ohio with my two bunnies, Mozart and Mia, and my boyfriend Jason. My undergrad is a Bachelor's of Science in Secondary Education and History, currently I am set to graduate with my Masters in Business Administration in May of 2015. From this you may surmise that my day job is as a history high school teacher, which is certainly an educated guess, however, that is not the path I followed.

It was in the decorating of my new home that I found my happiness. Growing up I had always enjoyed painting, cooking, designing, arranging, and teaching myself how to do new things. The problem was that as an adult I had forgotten that I liked and enjoyed those activities. So as I attempted to create the cozy haven that I desired, I realized that the funds in my bank account did not match the price tags in some of my favorite stores.

So what is a fashionable gal on a budget to do in such a situation? She makes it her mission to find and visit all her local vintage and thrift shops. What they say is true "another man's junk is another man's treasure," over time crystal lamps, small gold painted photo frames, ceramic dishes and vases decorated my small home and could not have been happier. Now, I needed everyone to know that a smart, successful, fashion forward young woman had moved in next door and a wreath, in my opinion, was the best way to do it.

After a visit to my favorite craft store I was prepared to make my first wreath, so I thought. At my second attempt I fell in love with my wreath [shown on this page] and to show my pride it was posted to Facebook immediately. Friends began to ask me how I created it and if I would create one for them. The next thing I knew, I was in business, a business that I had not foreseen but could not turn away from. I was hooked, I loved the process of design, coordinating of colors, searching for the right combination of materials and then the process of put it all together to create just the right look and appeal desired.

With this blog i want to share my thoughts on the creative process. I want to share my frustrations as a small business owner, the process of business branding, and marketing. This is my soapbox for thoughts on the difficulty of splitting my time between work, school, family and my small business. I also want to share my goals and documen

  • Work
    • Owner at emBelleshmentsShop
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science at the University of South Alabama
    • Studying Masters of Business Administration at MVNU