Belinda Pawley-LaFrenais

Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies, University of Melbourne

Diploma of Community Services, Child Care, Peninsula TAFE

Early Years Learning Framework in Action, University of Melbourne

Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Holmesglen TAFE

Senior First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis Emergency Management

Belinda is devoted to the education and care of young children in a play based learning environment where the child is the leader of their play experience with the interested teacher close by to support learning.

In helping children to make sense of the world, it is our first priority to provide an environment that promotes a sense of respect, belonging, joy, trust and love. Only then may the child gain full advantage from the learning in their environment.

Belinda supports children to develop positive skills, attitudes and dispositions through understanding children perceive the world differently to adults. Children also have different ways of learning to adults. This requires teachers to enter the child's world to further inquiry and raise concepts of equity and justice.

Empowering children to feel happy, confident and internally secure with strength and conviction is achieved through building children's self-esteem. Children's social and emotional development takes place within the broader contexts of culture, society and the global community. Our sense of self worth influences how we socialize, form relationships, establish beliefs and perceive ethics. All children need to believe they are worthy of love.

A stimulating curriculum results from a collaborative approach involving children and their families, teachers and support services. Children do not passively soak up information but actively select and interpret through direct experience.

Belinda's learning environments are holistic in terms of exploration, inquiry, negotiation and predictable availability. These natural play based learning environments also encompass a balance of routine with novelty, challenge, organization and free flowing flexibility to make the most of learning opportunities for every child.