Belinda Short

Artist in Noblesville, Indiana

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I am primarily a mixed media artist. I love making art with texture and things that are fun to 'figure out'.

Things that get combined often are - Paint, glues, metals, sculpture, wood, you name it.

I sing. I play a few instruments. I like to collaborate.

I'm on Twitch for streaming and Youtube for Art Vlogs. I stream intermittently. I still do gallery shows but I may take 2022 off for a different project.

I love interacting with people. My blog will lead you to my Discord Page where I keep a journal.

So, uh people keep asking me where they can buy stuff these days so I guess message me on Imgur, Instagram or Facebook?

You can also contact me through here I believe =)

I do currently have a lot of work that is available if people want to see more than is in my portfolio!

Thanks for visiting