Belitza Rios

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Belitza Rios is currently in Wilbur Wright College and she is inspired to be a dermatologist.
When Belitza was 9 years old, acne was a big part of her and she always covered herself with her hair or looked down when people talked to her, she was an inside box person. Then, as the years pass, she turned 18 years old and her personal doctor recommended her to a dermatologist. A doctor that taught her that there was more of her that she needed to light up to the people and because she had acne to always remember that she was not the only one.
Her dermatologist told Belitza about all her education and career life, Belitza was inspired in that moment and decided that she wanted to be a dermatologist too. Belitza also admired how in every dermatologist appointment she would see the other patients come out happy with their results, Belitza wants to view that same smiles for her patients in the future a comfort with themselves.
The dermatologist remembered Belitza that there is going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of education to be done in order to succeed at being a dermatologist. To never give up because once the education is over, everything is going to pay-off.
Belitza, thanks to her dermatologist, she wants to make people smile with themselves; she wants to be a dermatologist!

  • Education
    • Wilbur Wright College City Colleges of Chicago