Belivan Beiles Gonzalez

Student, Filmmaker, and Musician in México

I am a student, filmmaker, and musician currently living in Mexico City. I speak Spanish, English and French. My interests range from photography to arts. I am studying the high school in the Institute Technological of Monterrey and also studying the piano professional-­technical career in the National Conservatory of Mexico City. As a hobby I do photography and films.

I have been an International Volunteer with a french organization called "Solidarités Jeunesses". It have been two years in a row, since I was 15, when I travelled to a little town in France called "La Ferté-sous-Jouarre" to do international volunteering. The work consisted in the restoration of the public areas of the town (parks, fences, street, etc), the restoration of old furniture for donating to charity, and the construction of small lofts.

I would like to be a volunteer of your organization because I would like to preserve our environment, and to eradicate the “barriers” of the countries. Showing the other people of my generation, that no matter our race, religion, nationality or skin color, we are human beings; human beings which can help each other in any situation, from restoring a public park, till helping the people to get clean water.

I will give all my energy, dedication, knowledge and motivation to your project. I am a very working, independent, mature and conscious person, which has the goal to make our planet a better place to live, coexisting among the others in peace.