Elizabeth B

My writing is like a snow storm. At the start I am very slow and light. I start to fall in many directions with many different ideas in my head. Each idea is unique and separate just like each individual snowflake. Like the snow I am unsure where I will fall or where I will end up. I lightly layer the ground as I start. When my ideas start to flow I become heavy. Just like the snow. Soon my ideas just fall into place. The snow hits the ground like it has a target. Like me once I finally find my target. The snow starts to layer. Inch by inch and it gets thicker just as my writing gets thicker. As the wind blows the snow drifts like my mind drifts from one idea to another. The snow moves quicker and quicker as my hand moves even quicker on the paper or my fingers quicker on the keyboard. No one can make the snow stop and no one can make me stop once the ideas start to flow. I am a snow storm.

Background image by: Ruthanne Reid