Paul Kammeyer

Having lived in the Midwest, West, and Southwest United States taking the plunge to move to Belize was the greatest and most rewarding venture of my life. Commercial Real Estate is a passion that I have had personally for 20 years.

When we moved to Belize we found that there wasn't one company that emphasized commercial real estate so my wife and I took a small general real estate sales company and turned it into the ONLY real estate company dedicated to commercial sales and investments. Belize Shores Realty is now owned by an International Holding Company in Panama that services not only Belize but Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama.

Belize is a wonderful playground for water sports, ancient Mayan history buffs, eco and jungle lovers. We have something for everyone. Commercial properties are available from $100,000 - $50,000,000. We take the time to know not only the property but the owner so as not to waste anyones time with unrealistic expectations. Come to Belize and put your money to work for you the way it's supposed to.