Bella Brown

California, United States

I am a wife and a stay at home mom. Together my husband and I have five kids, four of which are teenagers. So yes go ahead and feel bad for me, I do. I have come to the hardest point in my life so far, raising Teenagers. Unlike a lot of Mom's out there I have no problem admitting I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. I have a very Louis C.K. sense of humor about my kids and parenthood. I am a tell it ike it is Mom, blunt, and honest about the fact that my kids drive me crazy and how hard it is being a mom. Everyday is a new adventure in crazy town and I am just trying to make out alive. I am creative with no time to create. I love Flea markets, yet most of the time have no time or money to go. I am attempting to redecorate and renovate my small house to fit my large famly on a small budget myself. I am in a constant battle to get organized in my small space. yet I have picked up some cool tips and tricks along the way. I am a project whore, I love love love projects, it's just finishing them that is the problem when you have kids, a husband and a house to run. I am an avid animal lover with two English Mastiffs of my own, Molly and Major, both equally 400 lbs which so fits in nicely into my small house. I am married to an amazing man. This is our second marriage for both of us and we have a beautiful and large blended family. We have been through it all, dating with five kids, dealing with crazy ex's, having very bad luck all the time. As my Husbamd tells me, we used up all of our good luck finding each other. Yes chessy but feels so true. In our life if it can go wrong it will go wrong. Yet we deal with by laughing our way through, which is how we have survived this long. My blog is about my life as a stay at home home, raising teengers and trying not to kill them, rasing five kids, being a stepmom, dealing with crazy ex's, being a mom who is seriously domestically disabled ,remodeling my home, sharing projects that I love. It is a honest, funny look into my crazy chaotic life and how the love of my husband and dogs get me through each day.

  • Work
    • Domestic Engineer
  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree in Nutrition